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Microgreens: Super-easy Superfoods!

Teeny, trendy microgreens are the seedlings of herbs and vegetables and pack a much bigger nutritional punch than the fully grown leaves.


Some people call them a superfood!


In fact, research published in the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis comparing microgreens to more mature greens, reported that nutrient levels in microgreens can be up to nine times higher than those found in mature greens.


These tiny greens can provide a large amount of nutrients like vitamin C & E, minerals such as potassium and iron and antioxidants like beta carotene.


These nutrients can help with:

  • preventing a range of diseases
  • managing weight
  • boosting both mental and physical health and well-being

So how do I add microgreens to my diet?


Microgreens are suitable for eating raw so it’s easy to add them to your diet by blending them into smoothies or adding them as a garnish to warm or cold meals.


You can treat someone special to an easy to plant microgreen gift with one of our Greens & Greetings.

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