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How to store your microgreens

Teeny, trendy microgreens are the seedlings of edible herbs and vegetables, often used as garnishes to add some visual pizazz to a dish.


Microgreens are usually ready to harvest and eat in just 10 – 14 days, depending on the species. This is usually when the first 2 leaves have grown and are a rich green colour. Check out our blog on when and how to harvest microgreens.


It’s best to cut them just before you eat them, but they can be stored.


To keep microgreens fresh and crunchy, store them in the fridge where they can stay fresh for up to a week.


The secret is keeping the microgreens moist, so try putting them in a bag or tub lined with moist kitchen paper.


Store microgreens unwashed and then rinse lightly in cold water just before you use them.


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