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Frilly pea microgreens

Who doesn’t love peas?  We think they are the most delicious and sweetest of the green veggies.


Microgreen peas are a firm favourite here at Shroot.  They are the seedlings of pea plants, with a crunchy texture and a taste that’s just like fresh peas.

The frilly pea variety we offer has pretty curls which makes a great looking garnish for tea time.


As well as their visual appeal and great taste, microgreen peas pack a fantastic nutritional punch, being high is vitamin C, B1, iron, magnesium and zinc.


How do I use microgreen peas?


They are particularly well suited to stir fries and salads, but they work well with so many dishes.  Some of our customers have told us they also like to snack on them, just as they are!

We agree that these curly shoots taste great raw, and love this simple recipe for an open sandwich by EverythingGreen.


We’ve got a special frilly pea gift available, especially for mums - have a look at our Greens & Greetings to find out more.


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