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How to store your microgreens

Teeny, trendy microgreens are the seedlings of edible herbs and vegetables, often used as garnishes to add some visual pizazz to a dish.   Microgreens are usually ready to harvest...

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When to harvest your microgreens

Microgreens are the seedlings of edible herbs and vegetables.   These trendy little greens are the quickest and easiest food crop you can grow, with no space or gardening skills...

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Tasty ways to use your microgreens

One of the questions that we get asked the most is “what can I do with the microgreens I grow?” Microgreens are so versatile, so there is no short answer...

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Frilly pea microgreens

Who doesn’t love peas?  We think they are the most delicious and sweetest of the green veggies.   Microgreen peas are a firm favourite here at Shroot.  They are the...

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Microgreens: Super-easy Superfoods!

Teeny, trendy microgreens are the seedlings of herbs and vegetables and pack a much bigger nutritional punch than the fully grown leaves.   Some people call them a superfood!  ...

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What are microgreens?

You’ll probably have seen these cute little greens used as a stylish garnish or perhaps in salads.   The name ‘microgreen’ tells us that they are small in size, but...

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