Write a wish and watch it bloom and grow into beautiful UK wildflowers

How to plant Wildflower Wishes


Write a wish on each piece of Wish Paper


Soak the Wish Papers in room temperature water until wet through.


Fill a plant pot 3/4 full of soil, lay the Wish Papers on top and cover with a thin layer of soil (about 0.5cm of soil).

Sprinkle with Magic Dust and gently stir into the surface of the soil.


Water daily until shoots appear, the water regularly (so the soil stays moist but not soggy).


Place in a sunny spot and wait for the seeds to germinate.  Some take up to 21 days, others will be longer.


The most important thing for success with your Wildflower Wishes is keeping the paper moist. Placing some clingfilm or a clear bag over the top of your pot until shoots appear can help.

You can tear the paper so it fits in the pot, and don't worry if the paper overlaps.

Don't bury the Wish Papers too deeply. A 0.5cm layer of soil on top is plenty.


The Wish Dust can just be stirred lightly in to the soil surface (it doesn't need to be buried).

Some seedlings should start to grow within three weeks, but they may keep germinating for up to 80 days.

Placing the pot on a sunny and warm windowsill will help germination. You may find that your wildflowers germinate more quickly if planted in the spring and summer months.


You could try adding a little flower food to the soil (follow the instructions on the flower food pack). 

Choose a pot with a drainage hole.

Once the seedlings are well-established you can transfer them to a bigger pot to give them a bit more space to grow (or divide between a few pots). 

Once your flowers are bigger, you can plant them outside to share the joy with the bees and butterflies (wait until springtime).

As with any seed packet, you won't get 100% germination.