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Birthday Wildflower Wishes

Wildflower Wishes are a unique and sustainable birthday seed gift, created to inspire people to reach for their dreams and help their local wildlife in the process. Bees and butterflies love nectar-rich wildflowers.

It’s an eco-friendly birthday present for gardeners and non-gardeners alike. Full planting instructions are provided.

They’ll write their wishes on the enclosed wildflower seed ‘wish papers’, plant them in soil, sprinkle over the 'wish dust' and watch their ‘wishes’ grow…beautiful UK wildflowers. A gift of flower growth and self-growth!

They can be planted indoors at any time of year, and planted out in Spring.

Sustainability is important to us. The wish papers are 100% biodegradable and are made from recycled materials. They’re embedded with a range of UK wildflower seeds such as meadow buttercup, red campion and musk mallow. The paper will break down and the seeds will bloom and grow.

Planting wildflowers adds natural beauty to windowsills or gardens and these nectar-rich plants help support dwindling populations of native pollinators such as butterflies, moths and bees.

Each Wildflower Wishes contains:

  • 3 pretty ‘wish papers’ embedded with native UK wildflower seeds.
  • 'Wish dust' containing chamomile, corn cockle, cornflower, marigold and poppy seeds and biodegradable glitter.
  • A wooden plant marker
  • Planting instructions
  • A wildflower identification guide.
  • All enclosed in letterbox friendly and recyclable packaging, decorated with a pretty butterflies and flowers design. It can be posted anywhere in the UK with a large letter stamp.

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