A greeting card, envelope and plant pot, cleverly rolled in to one!


'You're the Best' Greens & Greetings are ideal for Dads or Grandads on Father's Day, or for favourite teachers, bosses, colleagues, employees, friends... In fact, who wouldn't love to receive a reminder that they're the best?!


Each ‘You're the Best’ Greens & Greetings contains an expanding coir soil block, microgreen garlic chive seeds and a stirrer.


All the recipient needs to do is add water to the soil block, sprinkle the seeds on top and pop their Greens & Greeting on a window ledge.


Less than 2 weeks later they’ll be tucking in to delicious homegrown garlic chives, which are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.


Microgreens are a super tasty superfood. Their tiny leaves are packed with nutrients and can be sprinkled on to just about any dish to add a bit of flavour, colour and texture. Try them in smoothies, soups, salads or sandwiches.


How it works


The Greens & Greeting is a greeting card and envelope that becomes a plant pot (it is water-tight and can stand up), decorated with a stylish blue and green design.


There’s room on the reverse for the sender to write a message. They can then pop it in the post with a large letter stamp.


It contains everything the recipient needs to grow their own edible microgreen garlic chives.

Greens & Greetings: You're the Best

  • No minimum on first order. Minimum order 30 units on subsequent orders. Free display stand for first orders over 40 units.