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What are microgreens?

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

You’ll probably have seen these cute little greens used as a stylish garnish or perhaps in salads.

The name ‘microgreen’ tells us that they are small in size, but what exactly are they?

Basically, they are the seedlings of edible herbs and vegetables, harvested at the stage in a plant’s life when it grows its first true leaves. Microgreens are the quickest and easiest food crop you can grow, with no space or gardening skills required! Less than two weeks after planting your seeds, you’ll have a delicious crop of microgreens to eat.

Despite their mini size, microgreens pack a real nutritional punch as they are loaded with nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium, iron and antioxidants. Most contain a much higher concentration of nutrients compared to the mature leaves of the same plant! And they look good to boot. Their vibrant colours and delicate form make them a good choice for adding visual appeal to meals.

There are many different microgreens and their flavours vary greatly depending on the species, from mild kale and mizuna to quite spicy mustard and radish. They are suitable to sprinkle as ‘vegetable confetti’ on almost any dish, adding colour, flavour and a nutritional boost. Why not try them on your soups, smoothies, omelettes, pasta, curries, pizza, toasties, salads...

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