Healthy and delicious microgreens

About Shroot

2020, a year like no other in living memory. Whilst much of it most of us would rather forget, the enforced social isolation did bring with it some gems; PE with Joe, online quizzes, community spirit and gratitude for our amazing NHS to name but a few.


It was during lockdown that our business was created, and we hope that you will agree that it too is a gem.


Jude Cook, from Penarth in South Wales, likes to keep busy. Despite working from home on her job in Environmental Management, and helping her daughter with home schooling, Jude was looking for a fun lockdown project, so decided to try growing a variety of microgreens on her windowsill. Jude loves animals and nature, but is by no means green fingered. Flowers don’t fare well in her care, but as Jude discovered, that’s the beauty of microgreens – they’re so easy to grow and very hard to kill! “You can plant loads of seeds, so even if they don’t all germinate, you still get a good crop. And what’s more – sprinkling them on family meals makes dinner look rather posh and adds some extra nutrients too”. Winner!


Jude was keen to share her new microgreen obsession with her friends but given that we were in the midst of a global pandemic, she had to get creative in thinking about how to do that. She started researching ways of posting and growing microgreens with minimal fuss or waste.


That’s when she came up with Greens & Greetings – a post-able, watertight, plant pot and envelope in one. By adding an attractive design and a personal message to the pouch, you have the perfect way to send friends a family a greeting to let them know you’re thinking of them.


Jude shared the idea with fellow Penarth mum and friend, Carolyn Davies, an Ecology graduate who spent many years researching and writing for the BBC. Together they formed Shroot (a blend of Shoots and Roots – clever, eh?), and worked hard to hone the product and designs until they came up with 3 launch products that they’re really proud of.


“We are really excited to launch our first range of Greens & Greetings. Watch this space for more exciting products from Shroot. Like the microgreens themselves, we aim to bloom and grow”.


Jude & Carolyn